Friday, October 23, 2009

The next product [censored] is in it's first prototyping stage!

Spent some time this week prototyping the new Knas product! Don't wanna spill the beans on what it is just yet but i can say that this is more of an effects unit only, it's however going to be just like the Ekdahl Moisturizer in the sense that it's going to range from being "normal" and "useful" to sound completely retarded/noisy/chaotic. It's - of course - also gonna have tons of fun CV ins and outs.

Finally got more parts after some supplier delays

I finally have parts to continue the Moisturizer adventure, had a slight pause of a week and a half in the building process but next week it's starting up again. Gotta say tho it was nice to chill for a second..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Way ahead of delivery schedule

All orders for December are sent out with the exception of one that i'm expecting to send out this week. 3 Moisturizers of the current batch of 30 are awaiting delivery, 3 more are awaiting final assembly.