Friday, July 24, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 tanks epoxied

10 tanks epoxied, 2 more ordered. I really wish i had a quicker and better looking way of protecting the connections, but this will have to do for now...


During the process of making the new enclosures, i managed to screw it up and several of the new chassis got visual flaws. This is what happened:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

About the spring reverb

Added to the site:

The spring reverb tank is fastened to the unit using self-adhesive velcro. This came about because I and Martin were discussing how to protect the springs while in transport and we realized that if it was detachable that'd be the best way. The tank is connected to the rest of the unit using RCA connectors, the reason for this is because that has been the standard for connecting reverb tanks since the 60's (i think). In *theory* you could connect any reverb tank to the ins/outs but I take *no* responsibility if you manage to blow your Moisturizer up (shouldn't be able to happen but gotta cover my ass). One of the neat thing with the velcro is that you choose which side to have your cables on; the front or the rear, if choose rear, the pickup of the springs is on the left side, if you choose front, the pickup of the springs are on the right side. This solved Martin's and my little argument about how it for him was very important of having the cables on the back, and for me very important to have the pickup on the right.

12 Panels printed and 4 circuit boards done

12 Panels printed, another 1-2 hours and they should be drilled out. Also 4 more circuitboards are done, 4 more are well on their way - hoping to ship of at least 8 moisturizers (if not 12) next week.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, local company did a save and is sending some knobs overnight - excellence...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well tragedy is at hand, 300 knobs bought and none fit even tho the last order of the same parts did.. hopefully i'll resolve this before i get delayed *again* with the orders due this week. Sorry folks, i guess i've still got things to learn (like never to trust anyone ever).

June 30th - Updating the reverb control

Found out that with some minor component change, the reverb amount - while controlled with an expression pedal only - gets more controllable, don't really know how i could have missed that in my testing. Looks like the following boards from this batch are gonna be called Rev 3.1

June 29th - Moisturizer batch 3 finally getting together

Sent out the first two Moisturizers from batch no. 3 in the mail today, if all goes well there'll be 6 more coming this week - damn, this is now going faster then i anticipated!

June 16th (or something) - Moisturizer batch no. 2 sold out

Phew, after a lot of struggling and some component delays i'm finally done with batch no 2, now i can start working on the next 20 PCBs that are hanging around... at this point i really don't have that much time for my repair business anymore, just gonna spend my time moisturizing..

May 31st 2009 - Placing of PCB order

Well, i had this order planned for long so i placed another order for 5, feels kinda futile considering the vast amount of orders i got due to Matrixsynth's feature - whatdoido??

May 30th 2009 - All hell breaks loose

Wow, after selling the first 4 moisturizers, one of my customers contacted Matrix Synth and now all hell's been breaking loose, orders are popping in as unsuspectedly as hail on a sunny summer day.. best hail ever

May 17th-ish 2009

The first Moisturizer has gone to its buyer, keeping one for myself, and 3 more to go - should be done in a few days...

April 22nd 2009

Yay! Rev.1 of the Moisturizer PCBs are in the making! 5 of them it will be...

April 2009 again

This thing is becoming good enough that i've gotten an investment so that i can buy *new*, fancy parts to play with

April 2009 continues...

The Moisturizer is reaching its final state, now with cross-faders on both the wet/dry mix of the reverb and the VCF, now we're talking!

April 2009 - Moisturizer update

The addition of the possibility of using expression-pedals on the CV input jacks makes this thing more versatile

February 2009 continues

The Moisturizer gets the addition of a the VCF LP/HP/BP cross-fader, one more CV input to add to the list

Sometime in the dark past, januari 2009 - The birth of The Ekdahl Moisturizer

The first Moisturizer is built onto a perfboard, mostly with found / used components.. it looks shitty, but man it sounds cool... No CVs or cross-faders except for cutoff. This stuff takes a loooong time as it's done in bits and pieces whenever i have a free moment, no time to dedicate to this stuff...