Saturday, July 11, 2009

About the spring reverb

Added to the site:

The spring reverb tank is fastened to the unit using self-adhesive velcro. This came about because I and Martin were discussing how to protect the springs while in transport and we realized that if it was detachable that'd be the best way. The tank is connected to the rest of the unit using RCA connectors, the reason for this is because that has been the standard for connecting reverb tanks since the 60's (i think). In *theory* you could connect any reverb tank to the ins/outs but I take *no* responsibility if you manage to blow your Moisturizer up (shouldn't be able to happen but gotta cover my ass). One of the neat thing with the velcro is that you choose which side to have your cables on; the front or the rear, if choose rear, the pickup of the springs is on the left side, if you choose front, the pickup of the springs are on the right side. This solved Martin's and my little argument about how it for him was very important of having the cables on the back, and for me very important to have the pickup on the right.

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